💜 *1st Sep 2106 to 30th June 2017*💜

10 Months mein 350 Expected Matches hein..90 ODI + 250 T20 Matches*

💥In Sep💥

8 ODI Matches.

6 T20 Intr Matches.

55 T20 TNPL + KPL Matches.

💥In Oct💥

15 ODI Matches.

💥In Nov💥

44 T20 Matches.

💥In Dec💥

6 ODI Matches.

19 T20 Matches.

💥In Jan 2017💥

32 T20 Matches.

10 ODI Matches.

💥In Feb💥

28 T20 Matches.

9 ODI Matches.

💥In March💥

13 ODI Matches.

5 T20 Matches.

💥In April & May💥

60 Matches T20 IPL.

14 Matches ODI.

1 T20 Intr.

💥In June💥

15 Matches ODI.

3 Matches T20.



*Pak in Eng 2 ODI & 1 T20*

1st Sep ODI.

4th Sep ODI.

7th Sep T20.

*Aus in Sri 1 ODI & 2 T20*

4th Sep ODI.

6th Sep T20.

9th Sep T20.

*Tamal Nadu Premier League*

*Remaining 22 Matches*

((1..2..3..3..4..5..5..6..7..8..9..9..10..11..11..12..13..13..14..16..17..18 Sep))

*RL Cup Final*

17th Sep One day.

*Karnataka Premier League*

((Expected dates 16th Sep to 1st Oct 2016))

*Dates abhi announce nahi huyi hein*

*33 Matches T20*

*Afghanistan in Bangladesh 3 ODI*

25th Sep.

28th Sep.

1st Oct.

*Aus in SA 5 ODI*

30th Sep.

2nd Oct.

5th Oct.

9th Oct.

12th Oct.

*Pak vs WI Series in UAE 3T20 & 3ODI*

23rd Sep T20.

24th Sep T20.

27th Sep T20.

30th Sep ODI.

2nd Oct ODI.

5th Oct ODI.

*Eng in  Bangladesh 3 ODI*

7th Oct ODI.

9th Oct ODI.

12th Oct ODI.

*NZ in Ind 5 ODI*

16th Oct ODI.

19th Oct ODI.

23rd Oct ODI.

26th Oct ODI.

29th Oct ODI.

*Ram Slam T20 Matches*

11 T20 Matches in Nov.

((12..12..13..16..18..20..20..23..25..27..30 Nov))

*Bangladesh Premier league*

Expected dates 6th Nov to 30th Nov.

33 T20 Matches.

*Ram Slam T20 Matches*

8 T20 Matches in Dec.

((2..4..4..7.. 9..11..13..16 Dec))

*Bigbash T2o League*

11 T20 Matches in Dec.

((20..21..22..23..23..26..27..28..29..30..31 Dec))

*NZ in Aus 3 ODI*

4th Dec ODI.

6th Dec ODI.

9th Dec ODI.

*Bang in NZ 3 ODI*

26th Dec ODI.

29th Dec ODI.

31st Dec ODI.
*Big Bash T20 League*

24 T20 Matches in Jan 2017.

((1..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..14..14..16..17…18..20..21..21..24..25..28 Jan))
*Bang in NZ 3 T20*

3rd Jan T20.

6th Jan T20.

8th Jan T20.
*Pak in Aus 5 ODI*

13th Jan ODI.

15th Jan ODI.

19th Jan ODI.

22nd Jan ODI.

26th Jan ODI.
*Eng in Ind 3 ODI & 3 T20*

15th Jan ODI.

19th Jan ODI.

22nd Jan ODI.

26th Jan T20.

29th Jan T20.

1st Feb T20.
*Sri in SA 5 ODI & 3 T20*

20th Jan T20.

22nd Jan T20.

25th Jan T20.

28th Jan ODI.

1st Feb ODI.

4th Feb ODI.

7th Feb ODI.

10th Feb ODI.
*Aus in NZ 3 ODI*

30th Jan ODI.

2nd Feb ODI.

5th Feb ODI.
*Pakistan Super League*

*Expected dates Feb 2017*

((Expected Matches 23 T20))
*SA in NZ 1 T20 & 2 ODI*

17th Feb T20.

19th Feb ODI.

22nd Feb ODI.

25th Feb ODI.

1st March ODI.

4th March ODI.
*Sri in Aus 3 T20*

17th Feb T20.

19th Feb T20.

22nd Feb T20.
*Eng in WI 3 ODI*

3rd March ODI.

5th March ODI.

9th March ODI.
*Afghanistan vs Ireland in India 3 T20 & 5 ODI*

8th March T20.

10th March T20.

12th March T20.

15th March ODI.

17th March ODI.

19th March ODI.

22nd March ODI.

24th March ODI.
*Pak in WI 3 ODI & 2 T20*

((March 2017))

*Dates abhi announce honi hein*
*IPL 2017 in April & May*

((Expected dates 6th April to 28th May 2017))

*60 T20 Matches IPL*
*Ireland Trination Series May 2017*( 6 ODI)

((Bang, Ireland & NZ))

12th May.

14th May.

17th May.

19th May.

21st May.

24th May.
*SA in Eng 3 ODI*

24th May.

27th May.

29th May.
*WI in Eng 5 ODI & 1 T20*

((In May))

*Dates abhi announce honi hein*
*Champions Trophy in June 15 ODI*

((Time 2:30pm PST))

1st June.

2nd June

3rd June.

4th June.

5th June.

6th June.

7th June.

8th June.

9th June.

10th June.

11th June.

12th June.

14th June 1st SF.

15th June 2nd SF.

18th June Final.


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